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Make the Connection is the only website where Veterans and/or their family members can easily sort an entire library of professionally produced video interviews, testimonials, and profiles and hear from others just like them who may be dealing with similar challenges.

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This large-scale, nationally advertised campaign launched in 2011 and has enjoyed tremendous success and much positive feedback from Veterans. Since launching, VA has filmed more than 500 Veterans across the country and will continue to expand Make the Connection in 2018.

We Need You

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If you live in or near one of the locations and would like to participate in the campaign, please send an email to

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Make the Connection is looking for additional Veteran participants who have received support or treatment for issues relating to mental health, and are able to share their stories on camera. Family members who have helped a veteran work through such issues are also needed.

In the coming months, our professional crew will be travelling around the country to film interviews in the following metropolitan areas.

Map with a pin in Helena, MT Helena, MT

Helena, MT: Mar, 28 - 30 2019