TODAY, I AM Healing

U.S. Army Veteran

You’re not going to be able to heal from a particular issue unless you address it.

After his Army service, Dennis faced challenges adjusting to civilian life, including PTSD symptoms he didn’t recognize for years. Through both group and individual therapy, coupled with taekwondo, he found healthy ways to express his emotions and began to heal.

What Made the Difference

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions offer a supportive place for Veterans to tackle challenges together. These sessions can also help Veterans find a sense of camaraderie that they may miss after military service.

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Recreational Activities

As Veterans work toward recovery with the guidance of a professional, they can continue to enhance their mental well-being by engaging in recreational activities.

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Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Experiencing any trauma or life-threatening event can cause symptoms of PTSD. Many Veterans have found relief from their PTSD symptoms through treatment.

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