TODAY, I AM Thriving

U.S. Army Veteran

My relationship with people have improved tremendously after my mental health treatment, and I’m so much closer to my friends and my family and my kids.

After her Army service, Courtney experienced challenges related to depression, chronic pain and homelessness.  Mental health treatment gave her a new beginning. Now, she’s thriving and dedicates herself to helping other Veterans improve their lives too.

What Made the Difference

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions offer a supportive place for Veterans to tackle challenges together. These sessions can also help Veterans find a sense of camaraderie that they may miss after military service.

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Housing Support

Being homeless, or at risk for homelessness, is a difficult challenge to face. Veterans have access to a variety of resources and benefits, such as prevention services, housing support, job training and health care.

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Treatment for Depression

Many Veterans have received help for depression. Therapy can help Veterans learn new ways of thinking, practice positive behaviors and take active steps to cope with their symptoms.

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