TODAY, I AM Balanced


Now I can see what I’m living with. That enables me to balance it out because it’s not a scary unknown anymore.

After returning home from serving in the Navy, Michael felt out of place and experienced intense depression. Realizing that he needed help, he turned to therapy, where he found comfort in poetry and his cultural heritage and gained a deeper understanding of himself.

What Made the Difference

Being Outdoors

While working toward recovery with the help of professional support, many Veterans maintain their mental well-being through outdoor activities like running, hiking or walking.

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Higher Education

Many Veterans who continue their education after military service enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with meeting an important goal. Higher education can also point them in a rewarding new direction.

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“Therapy” refers to counseling, medication or any number of approaches to mental health care. Many therapies can produce positive and meaningful changes in symptoms and quality of life after just a brief amount of time.

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