TODAY, I AM Recovering


I’ve been clean, haven’t had a drug, in almost 12 years.

Greg faced challenges with depression and substance misuse before and after his Army days. He experienced a few relapses on his path to sobriety. Eventually, he found the support he needed in a recovery program. Through treatment, his perseverance and his wife’s support, Greg gained the tools he needed to recover.

What Made the Difference

Treatment for Substance Misuse

For Veterans who want to stop using drugs or alcohol, there are many proven and effective treatment options.

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Treatment for Depression

Many Veterans have received help for depression. Therapy and counseling can help Veterans learn new ways of thinking, practice positive behaviors and take active steps to cope with their symptoms.

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Family Support

Mental health challenges can affect the whole family. That’s one reason it’s important for family members to support each other before, during and after treatment.

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