TODAY, I AM Present


When I’m in cold water, I’m in the present. I don’t brood on the past, and I don’t sit there and try to negotiate a future I don’t know about.

Shannon often drank heavily in the Army, and after his mother’s death, he used alcohol even more in an attempt to cope with his grief. Through treatment and with his partner’s support, he found ways to manage his PTSD symptoms and stay grounded in the present.

What Made the Difference

Connecting With Other Veterans

After service, some Veterans may find it challenging to reestablish connections with individuals in their lives because they often feel that their experiences are not relatable to others. Staying connected with fellow Veterans can be a significant source of support, helping Veterans to face their unique challenges.

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Recreational Activities

As Veterans work toward recovery with the guidance of a professional, they can continue to enhance their mental well-being by engaging in recreational activities.

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Treatment for Alcohol Misuse

For Veterans who want to stop using drugs or alcohol, there are many proven and effective treatment options.

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