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Information for Clinicians

Clinicians can use Make the Connection as a tool to engage with Veterans or family members who may be reluctant to seek support. VA is committed to helping Veterans and their families by providing the best practices for mental health treatment, based on the latest research. Support the Veterans you interact with every day and help them Make the Connection.

Resources for Clinicians Working With Veterans

Community Provider Toolkit – This VA site features key tools to support the mental health services you provide to Veterans. You can find information on connecting with VA and understanding military culture and experience, as well as tools for working with a variety of mental health conditions.

National Center for PTSD – This VA resource contains training materials, information, and tools based on the latest PTSD research to help providers and researchers with assessment and treatment. – Make the Connection is a national campaign from VA’s Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, within the Veterans Health Administration. You can find more information on additional programs and campaigns from the office online.