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During the Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, Bridge the Distance With Online Mental Health Resources

3-minute read

During the Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, Bridge the Distance With Online Mental Health Resources

3-minute read

Read Stories > During the Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, Bridge the Distance With Online Mental Health Resources

Maintaining your mental health and well-being during the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak is perhaps more important than ever.

With most of the country practicing physical distancing, online mental health resources are a great way to keep up the momentum that brought you to Make the Connection. Whether you’re a Veteran or someone who cares about a Veteran, whether this is the first time you’ve looked for support or just the most recent time, there are resources to help.

During the novel coronavirus outbreak, take advantage of VA’s online mental health resources. You don’t even have to meet a counselor or therapist in person to make a connection that could put you well on the path to mental health recovery. You can also use these resources to learn about issues that are concerning you and explore ways to make your mental health a priority from the comfort of your own home.

Make the Connection

For Veterans, real stories of recovery from their peers can offer encouragement and motivation for recovery.

Hearing from someone from the same military branch or who worked through the same kinds of challenges after military service can feel comfortable and familiar — just like chatting with a battle buddy. Being able to relate to other Veterans’ stories and experiences can help Veterans realize that they’re not alone and see that treatment worked for someone just like them.

Hundreds of Veterans and their family members have shared their stories on Their videos can be easily filtered by service era, military branch, signs and symptoms, and more. Explore the video gallery to find a few stories that resonate with you.

You can also find a series of self-assessments and screenings and self-help strategies. These tools can be used anonymously anytime, anywhere, to help you find some direction as you determine your next steps.

Telehealth Services

If you need to connect with your care team, VA offers telehealth technology services in most areas. VA telehealth technologies make it easier for you to connect with your VA care team from your home, the clinic, or the hospital.

With VA Video Connect, for example, you can use the video capabilities on your phone, computer, or tablet for an appointment with your provider in a virtual medical room. You can even invite family members and caregivers to join the sessions.

Learn which telehealth options are available for you by contacting your provider or the nearest VA medical center.

Mental Health Apps

There is also a wealth of mental health applications available for Veterans and for their loved ones through the VA App Store. Apps available for smartphones or the web include support to manage PTSD, plans to help you stay smoke-free, mindfulness tools to keep you moving forward during times of stress, resources specific for women Veterans, and more.

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