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Veterans on Parenting

November 19, 2018 | 2-minute read

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Raising children can be tough for anyone, and some Veterans’ challenges can make parenting more stressful or complicated. During Military Family Month, discover how these Veterans learned to manage their mental health through treatment and became better mothers and fathers as a result.

“My therapy actually helped everybody in the house, because now I get to share my experiences and my tools,” says Jennifer, a U.S. Navy Veteran. “Now we can open up and be a much happier and more honest family.”

Now we can open up and be a much happier and more honest family. Jennifer

Reaching out for support can help you learn to communicate more openly and effectively with your loved ones and better understand each other’s needs and concerns.

“I’m an outstanding grandfather, because I learned the problems that I had at being a father and changed 180 degrees,” says Gary, a U.S. Army Veteran who served in Vietnam.

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