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Vietnam Veterans Share Their Mental Health Journeys

2-minute read

Vietnam Veterans Share Their Mental Health Journeys

2-minute read

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“Unseen Battles: Mental Health Journeys of Vietnam Veterans” is a compilation of stories from Veterans who came home to a politically charged environment that often made them reluctant to even mention their service, let alone any related mental health challenges. Hear how mental health treatment—years or even decades later—made a difference in their lives.

You also can listen to the following Veterans talk in more detail about their journeys in their individual videos:

  • Doug, who says he waited more than 30 years to seek help after completing his U.S. Army service in 1972. “I didn’t talk about it to anyone—about anything. All I wanted to do was forget,” he says. But the Veteran felt adrift until he found a new path through group therapy and other mental health supports.
  • Leon, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who tried to put his entire Vietnam experience behind him after his return from service in 1968: “It was just like it had never happened, but it did, of course.” Leon says he lived in fear until he accessed and dealt with his feelings through therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Michael, a U.S. Army Veteran who tried to cope with his PTSD symptoms by drinking until he found treatment that provided “all the tools that you could possibly need to get yourself out of whatever addiction you’re in.”

All of them encourage other Vietnam Veterans to reach out for treatment if needed.

“All I can say is go, because these people are trained in what they’re doing, and they have the heart to help,” Leon says.

Visit the Make the Connection video gallery to hear more Vietnam Veterans describe their mental health journeys and the support they received.

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