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Topic: “Financial and Legal Issues”

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Learn more and watch videos of Veterans sharing their experiences with financial and legal issues and what they did to get on a path to recovery.

Navy Veteran Charts New Course After Substance Misuse

Drug and alcohol misuse and untreated symptoms of PTSD caught up to Rick when he was arrested after an incident at his home on Christmas Eve. This was the moment that prompted him to seek the treatment that turned his life around.

3-minute read

Problems with Drugs, Problems with Alcohol, Financial and Legal Issues, PTSD, Transitioning From Service

Veterans’ Next Mission: Serving Those Who Served

These Veterans took different paths after military service, but they arrived at the same destination: becoming part of a community and helping fellow Veterans. Hear their stories in the newly released Season Two of the Make the Connection: Real Veterans. Real Stories. podcast.

4-minute read

Transitioning From Service, Student Veterans, Financial and Legal Issues, PTSD, Jobs and Employment, Problems with Alcohol, Homelessness, Family and Relationships

After Treatment for Substance Misuse, a Veteran Gains a Sense of Purpose

A Veteran shares his story of substance use disorder, treatment and finding his place in the world after the Army.

4-minute read

Stress and Anxiety, Problems with Alcohol, Homelessness, Financial and Legal Issues

Care for Women Veterans Helps Reservist After Injury, PTSD and More

Years after a training injury, followed by posttraumatic stress disorder and other challenges, Brenda finds the support she needs through care specifically made to help women Veterans.

3-minute read

PTSD, Nightmares, Physical Injury, Jobs and Employment, Financial and Legal Issues

Lost and Found

David largely ignored the emotional toll of his military service, but he could not ignore the loss of his older brother a short time after David transitioned out. Aimless and alone, David took a self-destructive path of drug and alcohol misuse and criminal behavior. In the court system, he found treatment for substance use disorder and a navigated a new path.

3-minute read

Problems with Drugs, Homelessness, Financial and Legal Issues

“I Did It. You Can Do It Too.”

La Wanda, a U.S. Navy Veteran, opens up about her journey through substance misuse and addiction to help other Veterans.

4-minute read

Problems with Drugs, Financial and Legal Issues

All Rise: Veterans Treatment Courts Provide Valuable Help

Hear the inspirational story of Tim, an Air Force Veteran who found help and now supports others through Veterans Treatment Courts.

3-minute read

Problems with Alcohol, Financial and Legal Issues