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Topic: “Stress and Anxiety”

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Learn more and watch videos of Veterans sharing their experiences with stress and anxiety and what they did to get on a path to recovery.

After Treatment for Substance Misuse, a Veteran Gains a Sense of Purpose

A Veteran shares his story of substance use disorder, treatment and finding his place in the world after the Army.

4-minute read

Stress and Anxiety, Problems with Alcohol, Homelessness, Financial and Legal Issues

Veterans on Managing Change and Anxiety

Two women Veterans suggest that confronting past trauma can help ease the anxiety associated with change and uncertainty.

3-minute read

Stress and Anxiety, Student Veterans, Transitioning From Service

Enduring Harassment, Confronting Pain and Finding Support: A Veteran’s Experience

Shirley, an Army and Navy Veteran, hid her experiences of sexual harassment and assault attempts for years. But after seeking treatment for a physical health concern, she also found mental health support that addressed painful memories and helped her find herself again.

3-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma, Stress and Anxiety, Transitioning From Service, Trouble Sleeping

Anniversary Effect Recalls Valencia’s Trauma

For years after serving in the Navy, Valencia experienced the “anniversary effect,” which occurs when the date or even the season in which a trauma occurred triggers an unexpected emotional reaction — sometimes long after the event.

4-minute read

Feelings of Hopelessness, Feeling on Edge, Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Managing Sensory Triggers

Three Veterans talk about the VA resources that taught them how to manage their sensory triggers.

3-minute read

Transitioning From Service, Stress and Anxiety, Feeling on Edge

LGBTQ+ Veterans Encourage Openness

Four Veterans discuss their experiences as LGBTQ+ Service members and how their lives changed when they could open up about their sexual orientation or gender identity.

2-minute read

Coming Out to Your Health Care Provider, Stress and Anxiety, Depression

More Than Mental Health

Three Veterans talk about the surprising ways their lives changed as they started managing their mental health symptoms. Learn what these Veterans Know during Mental Health Month and all year round.

4-minute read

Transitioning From Service, Problems with Alcohol, Stress and Anxiety

Veterans Discuss Isolation

These Veterans learned that isolation can be the cause or the result of physical and mental health conditions. They describe how it felt to be isolated, how it affected their lives, and what they did to start feeling better.

3-minute read

Family and Relationships, Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Jersey Jeanne Was Down — Not Out

After Jeanne broke her back while serving in the U.S. Air Force, she dealt with years of physical and mental health issues. The mysterious cause and effects of Jeanne’s career-ending injury left her searching for answers before she was diagnosed at VA.

2-minute read

Physical Injury, Anger and Irritability, Stress and Anxiety

Reclaiming Happiness

Hear how Daniel, a U.S. Navy photographer, learned to manage his PTSD symptoms with VA support.

3-minute read

PTSD, Transitioning From Service, Stress and Anxiety

Four Inspiring Stories From Women Veterans

Discover how these four women Veterans have overcome some of life’s toughest challenges and learned to thrive by taking care of their mental health.

7-minute read

Transitioning From Service, PTSD, Stress and Anxiety

Torn Between Worlds

Some Veterans experience trauma over and over because sudden flashbacks won't let them leave the past in the past.

5-minute read

PTSD, Flashbacks, Transitioning From Service, Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Stay Safe and Connected

When physically distancing from others, it’s important to prevent social isolation from setting in. In fact, during these stressful times, it may be more important than ever to connect emotionally with others and practice various methods of self-care to support your mental health.

2-minute read

Anger and Irritability, Jobs and Employment, Family and Relationships, Trouble Sleeping, Nightmares, Stress and Anxiety

Support for Women Veterans

“For You,” a new PSA from Make the Connection, highlights the challenges that women Veterans may face as mothers, wives, daughters, and friends.

2-minute read

Family and Relationships, Transitioning From Service, Stress and Anxiety

Learn How Veterans Got Back on Track

Maybe you don’t connect with your therapist in your first appointment. Maybe the treatment doesn’t make a noticeable impact right off the bat. Or, maybe you feel like you’re taking all the right steps, but nothing’s changing.

4-minute read

PTSD, Transitioning From Service, Stress and Anxiety

These Post-9/11 Women Veterans Open Up About Their Mental Health Journeys

Women Veterans share the challenges of living with depression and anxiety after leaving the service — and the support they’ve found to overcome these issues.

3-minute read

Transitioning From Service, Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Stay Active After Active Duty

Hear some Veterans describe how recreational activities enhance their mental well-being — and their lives.

3-minute read

PTSD, Transitioning From Service, Depression, Stress and Anxiety

"There’s So Much Hope Out There"

Lucinda, a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, used alcohol to try to dull the pain after the death of her son. Through counseling, she’s found purpose and passion in her life again.

4-minute read

PTSD, Problems with Alcohol, Stress and Anxiety

An Air Force Colonel’s Mental Health Journey

Finding support to cope with his anxiety was the moment when this Air Force colonel started to feel like himself again — and when his family started noticing a positive difference.

4-minute read

Family and Relationships, Stress and Anxiety

Father and Son: Support Comes Full Circle

Liam was there every day when his father, Troy, was dealing with his anxiety after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. Now, Troy is able to pass on the lessons he learned to his children.

4-minute read

Family and Relationships, Stress and Anxiety

How Can I Better Manage Stress?

Hear how these Veterans managed their stress and anxiety and got back to enjoying life.

3-minute read

Stress and Anxiety

When the Walls Come Down

Years after serving as a public affairs officer, Amber began to face panic attacks, depression, and more.

4-minute read

Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Veterans on Handling Anxiety

Hear these Veterans share how they cope with their anxiety.

5-minute read

Stress and Anxiety