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Topic: “Suicide”

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For These Married Veterans, Mental Health Is a Team Effort

Mike and Valerie faced different challenges following their military service. But they share a commitment to work through those challenges with mental health treatment, therapeutic activities and mutual support.

5-minute read

Family and Relationships, PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, Suicide, Problems with Alcohol, Anger and Irritability

Marine Combat Veteran Felt Lost Before Finding His Purpose

Sam came home from serving in the Marines feeling lost. Therapy helped him process his traumatic combat experiences and grief. Finding his new purpose as a teacher and mentor also helped him heal.

3-minute read

Suicide, Anger and Irritability, Transitioning From Service, Feelings of Hopelessness, Depression

Veterans Connected by Experiences With Mental Health Care

This Mental Health Month, Veterans describe how mental health care changed their lives. Their feelings of hope and lightness are shared by many other Veterans.

3-minute read

Suicide, Military Sexual Trauma, PTSD, Anger and Irritability, Problems with Alcohol

Women Helping Women

A new video from Make the Connection features four women Veterans who explain how group therapy with their sisters in arms led them to better mental health.

2-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma, Suicide, PTSD

Teacher Helps a Veteran Heal

The elementary school teacher who sparked Joseph’s love of science returned years later to help lead the Navy Veteran toward healing and recovery.

3-minute read

Suicide, Family and Relationships, Student Veterans

Hiding Pain in Plain Sight

Despite his many professional successes, Fred couldn’t outrun the survivor’s guilt he experienced after losing an air crew in a mission over Iraq. Therapy at VA, including EMDR treatment to reprocess his thoughts, allowed Fred to rediscover an emotion he didn’t realize he’d been missing.

2-minute read

PTSD, Transitioning From Service, Suicide

"I Couldn't Escape That Anymore"

When a friend called Matt to say, “If you ever run into my family or anything, will you just tell ‘em that I love ‘em,” Matt rushed over to help. Two things happened: He helped save a life, and he realized that maybe he needed help, too.

4-minute read

Feelings of Hopelessness, Suicide

After Decades, a Weight Is Lifted

After decades, a U.S. Navy Veteran finally confronts childhood sexual trauma.

5-minute read

Suicide, Problems with Alcohol

A 9/11 First Responder Confronts Painful Memories

After two harrowing days of searching through rubble at the Pentagon, Cliff went home, took off his gear, and put it away in a box — along with his painful memories..

3-minute read

PTSD, Trouble Sleeping, Suicide

Ways to Prevent Suicide in Your Community

Learn how to recognize the signs of suicide risk among Veterans you know and ways to support them through their mental health journey.

4-minute read

Feelings of Hopelessness, Suicide