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Topic: “Military Sexual Trauma”

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Learn more and watch videos of Veterans sharing their experiences with military sexual trauma and what they did to get on a path to recovery.

Whole Health Approach Paves Veteran’s Path to Sobriety

“Being sober has given me life,” says Alison, a Marine Corps Veteran whose alcohol use disorder derailed her career and motherhood. She got her life back on track by addressing her drinking and mental health challenges simultaneously.

4-minute read

Problems with Alcohol, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Family and Relationships, Homelessness, Military Sexual Trauma

After Sexual Assault, Army Veteran Finds Her Path to Healing

For many years, Bennie felt she couldn’t talk about the sexual assault that forced her out of the Army and left her feeling devastated. But when she was ready, she found personalized care from VA that fit her specific needs and helped her manage her panic attacks, migraines, and other symptoms.

3-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma, Nightmares

Kelly’s Message to Veterans: “Tomorrow’s Another Day”

Kelly, a U.S. Navy Veteran who became a farmer after her service, turned to mental health care to harvest new hope for herself after trauma. Now she strives to plant the seeds for a better life for other Veterans and for youth in her community.

3-minute read

Depression, Stress and Anxiety, Military Sexual Trauma, Anger and Irritability

Mental Health Treatment Gives These Veterans a New Start

Addressing mental health challenges can open up new opportunities in family relationships, career pursuits, community connections and more. Veterans Tom, Michelle and Tony share the ways they blossomed after they sought treatment.

4-minute read

Transitioning From Service, PTSD, Family and Relationships, Military Sexual Trauma, Trouble Sleeping, Depression, Stress and Anxiety, Problems with Alcohol

For These Married Veterans, Mental Health Is a Team Effort

Mike and Valerie faced different challenges following their military service. But they share a commitment to work through those challenges with mental health treatment, therapeutic activities and mutual support.

5-minute read

Family and Relationships, PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, Suicide, Problems with Alcohol, Anger and Irritability

When These Veterans Needed Answers, Therapy Helped Give Them

Four U.S. Army Veterans share how their decision to ask for mental health support helped them identify the true source of their challenges and unlock their full potential.

2-minute read

PTSD, Family and Relationships, Anger and Irritability, Military Sexual Trauma

When To Start Talking With a Veteran About Mental Health

For many Veterans, an open conversation about mental health with a loved one makes it easier to address mental health challenges in therapy.

5-minute read

Family and Relationships, Trouble Sleeping, Feeling on Edge, Military Sexual Trauma

Talking Helped Army National Guard Veteran Heal After MST

After years of silence, this National Guard Veteran found healing in giving voice to her experience of military sexual trauma.

4-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma, Depression, Trouble Sleeping, Anger and Irritability

LGBTQ+ Veterans Open Up About Hiding in Plain Sight

Veterans describe the difficulties of hiding their sexuality or gender identity while serving in the military and the freedom they found with mental health support.

3-minute read

Coming Out to Your Health Care Provider, Problems with Alcohol, Military Sexual Trauma, Jobs and Employment, PTSD

Veterans Connected by Experiences With Mental Health Care

This Mental Health Month, Veterans describe how mental health care changed their lives. Their feelings of hope and lightness are shared by many other Veterans.

3-minute read

Suicide, Military Sexual Trauma, PTSD, Anger and Irritability, Problems with Alcohol

Processing the Pain after Military Sexual Trauma

Anna explains how analyzing her emotions with a counselor taught her to stop blaming herself for experiencing military sexual trauma (MST) while in the Air Force

3-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma, Trouble Sleeping, Family and Relationships, PTSD

Enduring Harassment, Confronting Pain and Finding Support: A Veteran’s Experience

Shirley, an Army and Navy Veteran, hid her experiences of sexual harassment and assault attempts for years. But after seeking treatment for a physical health concern, she also found mental health support that addressed painful memories and helped her find herself again.

3-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma, Stress and Anxiety, Transitioning From Service, Trouble Sleeping

Supporting MST Survivors

These Veterans say finding their community of support allowed them to really start healing from the many ways MST affected their well-being.

3-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma, Depression, Anger and Irritability

Women Helping Women

A new video from Make the Connection features four women Veterans who explain how group therapy with their sisters in arms led them to better mental health.

2-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma, Suicide, PTSD

Inspiring Stories From Coast Guard Veterans

Hear the inspiring stories of four U.S. Coast Guard Veterans who found support to regain control of their lives.

5-minute read

PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, Bipolar Disorder

Grace Is a Gift for Yourself

Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting. It means letting go of the hurt and regaining your power — and it’s a form of self-care that can enhance your mental health.

3-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma, PTSD, Family and Relationships

Confronting the Aftermath of Military Sexual Trauma

Survivors of military sexual trauma can face a range of challenges, including substance misuse, feelings of depression, trouble sleeping, and more. But support for recovery is available.

5-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma, Problems with Alcohol, Family and Relationships

Healing Together

Honesty, openness, and a willingness to seek help: that’s what saved Vanessa’s marriage to Robert, a U.S. Navy Veteran who experienced the effects of military sexual trauma for more than 40 years.

4-minute read

Anger and Irritability, Family and Relationships, Military Sexual Trauma

When the Effects of Sexual Trauma Persist

Continue the national conversation about sexual assault and learn how to support those who have experienced trauma.

4-minute read

Military Sexual Trauma

Still Supporting Veterans, a Half Million Video Views Later

Military couple and Make the Connection participants Hector and Trista make a lasting impact on the lives of Veterans in Minnesota and beyond.

4-minute read

PTSD, Family and Relationships, Military Sexual Trauma

Four Stories That Will Inspire You This Mental Health Awareness Month

Servicemembers continue to inspire us after their military service. Read four inspiring stories of Veterans who overcame challenges such as PTSD and problems with drugs.

6-minute read

PTSD, Problems with Drugs, Physical Injury, Military Sexual Trauma, Flashbacks, Transitioning From Service